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Bright Ideas To Beat The Gloom

Originally published in the Yorkshire Post - 15th January 2014

Down in the dumps?  Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall offers advice to give your home a cost-effective spruce up.

Giving your home a mini-facelift is perfect to beat the winter blues so here are ten tips to revamp your home without breaking the January budgets.

1.      Give bulbs a clean

In winter gloom artificial light is exceptionally important and cleaning your light bulbs has an amazing impact.  Safety is paramount, so it is important that you unplug or switch off electricity before attempting this.  Then take a slightly damp cloth and wipe down the bulbs in your light fittings and any glass covers you may.  Wait to dry before turning back on.  It's a little thing, but makes a major difference.

2.      Refresh your paintwork

No matter how clean you keep it, paint colour dulls and darkens with age.  If your paintwork is over two or three years old invest in a tin of good quality emulsion and repaint a room for an immediate uplift.

3.      Replace your sofa or chair cushion inners

If your sofa or chairs are less than comfy, the problem may be your cushion inners.  Speak to your local upholsterer who should be able just to supply a cushion inner made to your required size and requirements, find a cushion filling you like (we prefer foam-feather wrap which gives the comfort of feather with the structure of foam) and order replacement cushions giving your sofa a new lease of life at a surprisingly low cost.

4.      Invest in some new scatter cushions

These are the perfect way to introduce a new colour or texture in your room.  Go the whole hog and add a co-ordinating rug for a total makeover feel.

5.      Add a Feature Wall

Create new interest in a plain scheme by adding a feature wall in textured or patterned wallpaper in a colour toning with your existing room. Remember when choosing to ensure the size of any pattern is not too large for the area.

6.      Clean and Polish Natural Wood Floors

Give floors a serious clean with a proprietary cleaning agent, then re-oil or re-polish dependent upon the original finish of the floor.  The wood will rejuvenate before your eyes, allowing you to fall in love with it all over again.

7.      Re-grout bathroom tiles and refresh silicone sealant

This will help make a tired bathroom look clean and refreshed!  Remember to remove all old silicone before reapplying to ensure the perfect seal and the perfect look.

8.      Invest in new bedding or towels

This is the perfect way to spruce up a bedroom or bathroom - giving it an immediate uplift and some sensory joy.   The Sales are the ideal time to get better quality for your money.  Look for at least 300 thread count to feel like a film star as you slip between the sheets and invest in bath sheets to avoid having to skimp on size.

9.      Re-upholster your headboard

Not only a great pick-me-up, but a great way to introduce new textures or colours into your room.

10.  Repaint your front door

Why just worry about “kerb appeal” when you are selling your house?  A properly and freshly painted door makes a home look instantly loved and should help cheer you up every time you walk through it.

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