Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The bench mark for a summer of relaxation

Ever hopeful of a wonderful summer, now is the time to check out the pick of benches to provide the ultimate rest and contemplation point in any garden.  Interior Designer Jamie Hempsall picks his favourites.

We are now headlong into May and approaching what is the busiest and most rewarding of times for the garden enthusiast. After time spent weeding, I always enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax on a bench in the sun to maximise the use of my outdoor space which, for the next few months, will become a welcome extra room.

You would not just run to the nearest dump any old piece of furniture in your home and the same should apply to items you choose for your garden. Whatever you do, choose a piece that is comfortable, but also one that adds visual impact either in colour or form – think of it as an extra piece of garden sculpture and as an investment. A good quality bench will last a lifetime, if looked after properly, bringing happy memories as it gracefully ages.

There are plenty of options out there and good design has never been better – or cheaper – than it is today, so you should be able to find something to satisfy your personal taste. Here is a selection of my favourite benches that I think would enliven anyone’s garden.

Simple & Stylish

Saigon Garden Bench from B&Q

1920s Elegance

Haddoncraft Charleston Seat

Contemporary Funk

Quilt Bench from Edge Company

Design Icon

Teak Marlborough Lutyens Bench
Kingshall Furniture

Romantic Rendezvous

Two-seater Sorrento Bench from Kit Stone

Ultimate Indulgence

Torino Rattan Daybed
Zebrano Rattan Furniture

Jamie Hempsall is a member of the British Institute of Interior Design.  For more details visit him at http://www.jamiehempsall.com/ or call 01777 248463

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